Jim LeNoir Vice President for Defense and Homeland Security Programs

On May 1, 2011 Jim LeNoir was appointed as Vice President for Defense and Homeland Security Programs for American Business Development Group, an internationally respected, full spectrum business development consulting firm, now representing a diverse list of over fifty prominent U.S. and international businesses. American Business Development Group enjoys a reputation as one of the largest business development firms in the United States that specializes in the equipping and modernization of the United States Armed Forces. In this new position Jim will manage over 20 clients in the Defense, Homeland Security, and National Guard markets. Prior to this appointment, Jim served as the Director of National Guard and Homeland Security Programs for American Business Development Group.

Colonel (Retired) Jim LeNoir joined American Business Development Group in May 2005 after retiring from the Army National Guard with over 29 years of service. Prior to retiring, he served as the Chief, Army Logistics Division, National Guard Bureau where he was responsible for administering the Army National Guard’s logistics programs and managing the materiel readiness of the Army National Guard. From October 2003 to January 2004, he deployed to Kuwait where he served as the ARNG Senior Advisor for the Commander, Coalition Land Forces Component Command where he worked with deployed Army National Guard units to solve logistics issues. Prior to serving as the Chief of the Army National Guard’s Logistics Division, he served as the Deputy Director, Program Development for the Department of the Army’s Deputy Chief of Staff, G4.

Other assignments include Senior Army National Guard Advisor to the Army Materiel Command, Chief of the Troop Support Branch for the Army National Guard Logistics Division, Army National Guard Staff Officer for the Department of the Army’s Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations and Plans- Force Development, Army National Guard Force Development Officer at the US Army Combined Arms Support Command and as a Force Integration Officer for the Army National Guard’s Force Management Division.

Jim’s military troop assignments include Battalion Commander, 250th Forward Support Battalion, New Jersey Army National Guard, Maintenance Operations Officer, Equipment Maintenance Center Europe in Kaiserslautern, Germany, and Commander, 253rd Transportation Company, New Jersey Army National Guard. His military education includes graduating from the Industrial College of the Armed Forces with a Master of Science degree in National Resource Strategy. His civilian education includes a Master of Science in International Relations from Troy State University and a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics from Stockton State College.

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