Roger Nadeau Senior Vice President

Roger Nadeau is the Senior Vice President for American Business Development Group, an internationally respected, full-spectrum business development consulting firm, now representing a diverse list of over fifty prominent U.S. and international businesses. American Business Development Group enjoys a reputation as one of the largest business development firms in the United States which specializes in the re-equipping and modernization of the United States Armed Forces.

Mr. Nadeau enjoyed a distinguished career in the United States Army, culminating as Commanding General, Army Test and Evaluation Command where he planned, integrated, and conducted developmental and independent operational tests, evaluations, and assessments for Army material and national Missile Defense Agency; along with exercising total authority for planning, programming and managing the Command’s annual operating budget of $3,300,000,000.

Mr. Nadeau also commanded the U.S. Army Research, Development and Engineering Command where he matured and provided emerging technologies to the Army’s 12 Program Executive Officers for integration into all facets of weapon systems. He also served as the Program Executive Officer for both Ground Combat Systems and Combat Support and Combat Service Support; and also served as the Deputy for Systems Acquisition, Aviation and Missile Command.

After retirement from the Army, MG Nadeau served as Vice President with a large defense manufacturer, where he held responsibility for achieving profit and loss targets, as set by the CEO, for both the Army’s tracked and wheeled ground-combat and combat-support fleet and soldier systems, including radios, data modems, power amplifiers, and tactical computers; As well as managing annual revenue stream of $180,000,000 and met the challenge of creating a single business unit from two geographically separated operations.

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