William “Bill” Skipper, Jr. President and CEO


From the modest beginnings of two clients in 1998, William “Bill” Skipper has built American Business Development Group (ABDG) into an internationally respected, full-spectrum business development consulting firm, now representing a diverse list of prominent U.S. and international businesses. Coming from a strong background in national defense, Mr. Skipper has won acclaim by helping clients succeed in meeting business objectives in national security, contingency planning, emergency response and sustainment of the defense industrial base. He has focused his efforts on building a team of consultants and subject matter experts who consistently deliver results by identifying opportunities and obtaining the needed resources for the firm’s clients.

Working extensively on national defense issues with Congressional Committees and senior Federal officials, Mr. Skipper has earned a reputation for ABDG as one of the leading defense-oriented firm in the United States. He has played a critical role in bringing new technologies to the modern warfighter and has testified before Congress on issues related to the Department of Defense and Armed Forces.

Today, Mr. Skipper supports the business development goals of many large corporations, medium sized businesses and organizations and innovative, high-tech solution-providers.

To better support clients, Mr. Skipper pioneered the use of the Federal Market Assessment (FMA), which is designed to give company decision makers a comprehensive look at the Defense market. With a FMA, decision makers have the information needed to decide whether to compete in the highly competitive Defense market place.

In addition to ABDG’s consulting practice, Mr. Skipper has also taken ABDG into the actual marketing of defense articles.  As one example, ABDG owns the marketing rights to over 80% of all batteries sold to the Department of Defense for tactical wheeled and tracked vehicles.

Mr. Skipper volunteers his time as Chairman of the True Champions Foundation, which aids wounded soldiers and their families during their recovery process. To date, this organization has made significant contributions to former members of our Armed Forces and their families.

Mr. Skipper is proud to be a retired Army Officer who began his military career as an enlisted soldier and was commissioned after 8 years of enlisted service.  He has a Bachelor of Science degree in International Relations from the University of South Carolina and a Master’s degree from the infamous School of Hard Knocks.

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