ABDG Announces a New Agreement with Dynamic Animation Systems

Arlington, VA, September 26, 2011 – American Business Development Group (ABDG) is pleased to announce that Dynamic Animation Systems, Inc. (DAS) has retained ABDG to assist them in identifying and capturing market share in the Defense market.

DAS is a proven leader in elegant simulation and training infrastructure and system solutions. Their technologies allow America’s soldiers to gain realistic training and experience before reaching the field – thus greatly improving our soldiers’ safety. In particular, the Virtual Interactive Combat Environment (VICE), produced by DAS, represents an exciting resource for our Armed Services. David Slayton, Executive Vice President of DAS said, “ABDG has a strong presence in certain areas of interest to DAS. We thought it was a good decision to partner with ABDG at this time, taking advantage of their relationships and our technology.”

VICE is a scalable, Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) product which is designed to train the cognitive skills needed by military, homeland security, and law enforcement personnel in confronting and resolving potential and actual conflict within urban, suburban, and rural environments. VICE enhances individual and collective task training at the small unit level (Buddy Team to Platoon) focusing on Warrior Tasks and Battle Drills (Engage Targets with Assigned Weapon, Perform Voice Communications, React to Contact-Small Arms, RPGs and IEDs, etc.), as well as real world missions in the Contemporary Operating Environment. Jim LeNoir, Vice President for Defense and Homeland Security Programs for ABDG, said, “We’re excited about the technologies that DAS can bring to our servicemen and women, particularly the VICE simulator. ABDG’s unique knowledge of – and access into – the military community will ensure that the Federal Defense market understands the value that DAS’ products represent – and will help get these products to our soldiers.”

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If your firm is interested in growing market share in the U.S. Government market, please contact ABDG’s Business Development Director, Mike Bennis.