Our Sectors

ABDG teams fast-track business development with unsurpassed knowledge of the people, priorities and procurement processes that define the Defense, National Guard and Homeland Security markets.

Experts in the Military, Defense and Homeland Security Markets

With longer decision cycles, developing new business inside the Departments of Defense and Homeland Security can be a challenge. Even the most successful commercial sales teams can struggle. That’s why ABDG makes the difference. As Military veterans — and business development professionals — we have invested in building contacts, subject matter expertise and resources not just to win our clients attention, but to win them profitable contracts.

What’s different about working with ABDG?

We don’t take on clients unless we are sure we can help them get results. Decision-makers inside the Defense, National Guard and Homeland Security markets know this and respect the meticulous vetting we do to make certain a product or service is something the government customer wants and will perform exactly as promised. Government customers also know that most of our team members have joined ABDG after distinguished careers in the military. That’s why they trust ABDG and that’s why ABDG can open doors that remain closed to others.

Help to Develop and Foster Relationships between Government and Industry

•     ABDG works hard to increase awareness of current, new and developing technologies

•     Provides government and industry opportunities to witness demonstrations of products, systems and services

•     Provides introductions for potential government and industry partnerships

•     Foster the free flow of information concerning needs, challenges, requirements and funding between the Government and industry

•     Hosts strategic networking opportunities