Federal Market Assessment

Within 90 days, ABDG can effectively evaluate the potential that your products or services have in the Federal market space. The ABDG Team of highly seasoned and successful government and industry professionals provide the foundation for comprehensive market assessments. We will show you how to capture the opportunity and increase your probability of success.

With ABDG, you don’t risk investing in business development support only to find there’s a limited market or lack of funding for the types of products or services you want to promote. We simply won’t take you as a client if we don’t believe we can achieve results. Once we’ve conducted our Federal Market Assessment, you’ll have a clear picture what opportunities exist, what’s involved in going after the business, and how much time and money is required to win the business.

Instead of Costly Surprises: Results

As a client, you will know if your product or service has everything it needs to sell in the Defense, National Guard, and Homeland Security marketplaces – including opportunities you may not even have considered. Before you invest in sales and marketing activities, a Federal Market Assessment will show you how to navigate the maze of government business, identifying what it will take to qualify your product in terms of the government standards, ways and means. The FMA will ensure you make “go/no-go” decisions based on a complete picture of opportunities, including a roadmap to the customer base and an understanding of funding sources that are available.