Our Clients

ABDG has earned results for a wide variety of companies and firms. But what all our clients have in common is that they have provided quality products and services that have made a true difference to the men and women of the United States Military.


ABDG only represents clients whose products and services meet a real need for Defense, National Guard and Homeland Security markets. We’re proud to have played a role in creating revenues for these outstanding companies, and in creating the opportunity for them to play a role in supporting the mission of the United States Military.

What’s the value of ABDG’s contacts and reputation?

In an independent survey, here’s what our clients said:

“There’s a credibility gap in doing it yourself. ABDG’s large networks and being known with the National Guard Bureau helps you get in the door and introduces you as a reliable product provider.”

“We continue to work with ABDG because of their deep knowledge of the government customer and their intrinsic knowledge of working with the government.”

“They deliver unbelievable results.”

“They take the time to understand who you are and your strengths and how to best penetrate the market.”