Our Team

ABDG’s winning teams combine military veterans with business development professionals, subject matter experts and sales professionals who can provide effective Federal representation. Together, we create custom capture strategies and then roll up our sleeves to execute plans and fast-track results.

The ABDG Business Development Team

ABDG consultants have deep roots in Defense with a particular emphasis on the National Guard and Homeland Security markets.  Comprised of retired officers and subject matter experts, we focus on forging alliances and capitalizing  on our knowledge of how DoD and Homeland Security agencies work. What sets ABDG apart is that our teams also know how businesses work, how their products and services can be optimized to meet military needs and budgets, and how to deliver a custom capture strategy that’s right for shortening the decision cycle and meeting specific business goals all this while, ensuring customer products and services are aligned with the military’s goals.

Our team members are active partners with our clients, rolling up their sleeves to deliver wins.

Get to Know Our Team…

Please click on the names below to learn more about our distinguished network of business development and legislative liaison professionals.

William “Bill” Skipper, Jr. President and CEO | Read More »

  • Pioneered the use of the Federal Market Assessment (FMA) to help leaders in the defense industry make decisions in a timely manner on whether to compete in a very competitive market place
  • Focused his efforts on building a team of consultants and subject matter experts who consistently deliver results
  • Played a critical role in bringing new technologies to the modern warfighter
  • Expanded ABDG to include the establishment of an office in Detroit, MI to better serve ABDG defense automotive clients

Roger Nadeau, Senior Vice President | Read More »

  • Served as Vice President with a large defense manufacturer, responsible for achieving profit and loss targets for the Army’s tracked and wheeled ground-combat and combat-support fleet and soldier systems
  • Retired as Commanding General, Army Test and Evaluation Command
  • Commanded the U.S. Army Research, Development and Engineering Command
  • Former Program Executive Officer for both Ground Combat Systems, Combat Support and Combat Service Support
  • Over 35 years of Military Service in National Guard
  • Subject Matter Expert: Senior Army Aviator, Operations, Air & Ground Safety, Accident Investigator
  • Command Air Calvary Troop, Chief of the Safety and Standardization Branch of the Army National Guard’s Aviation and Safety Division
  • Masters Degree in Quality Systems Management
  • Primary Senior Consultant for Army Aviation and Safety

A. Frank Lever, III | Read More »

  • Served in the Army National Guard for 36 years holding key senior enlisted leader positions
  • Served as the Army National Guard Command Sergeant Major
  • Served as President of the Enlisted Association of the National Guard of the United States for four years
  • Senior Consultant with ABDG for 7 years, concentrating on equipment and services for the National Guard

Kent Moorhouse | Read More »

  • Army Product Manager for the Armored Security Vehicle
  • Army Deputy Project Manager for Experimental Stryker Vehicles
  • Procurement Contracting Officer (PCO) for the Project Manager, Stryker Brigade Combat Team
  • Chief of Ground Combat Readiness, Defense Logistics Agency

Kelly D. Royer | Read More »

  • Retired United States Marine Corps Infantry Officer
  • Two-tour combat veteran- Operation Iraqi Freedom
  • Assists clients with business development within the DoD
  • Provides field sales and marketing for clients, as well as end-user service and support for clients’ products

Ronald Scholtes | Read More »

  • 36 years of Product Assurance Test & Evaluation experience within the Government
  • Senior leadership positions within Project Management and Program Executive Offices
  • Manages two clients in testing operations
  • Develops and provides training on government operations