About Us

ABDG opens doors and closes deals. It’s how we help America protect national interests and improve the quality of life for our Service personnel worldwide.

Since ABDG’s start in 1998, we have earned a reputation for achieving results for our clients while ensuring America’s Service members are the best equipped and supported military force in the world.

Headquartered near the Pentagon and the National Guard Bureau, and with offices near the U.S. Tank Automotive Armaments Command (TACOM) in Warren, Michigan, ABDG is a full-service business development, sales and marketing, and legislative consulting firm specializing in the Department of Defense, National Guard, and Homeland Security markets. We’re known for shortening the decision cycle for our clients by developing tailored capture strategies and top-level relationships with Government customers while using our legislative expertise to seek out funding.

Bottom line, ABDG has everything it takes to increase our client’s probability of success at winning in today’s tough-to-crack military and homeland security markets.

What sets ABDG apart?

Experience, values and ethics along with ABDG’s “Force-Multiplier” approach to business development rewards our clients with critical access and bigger impact – faster.

  • ABDG represents over 60 Government programs throughout the Defense, National Guard and Homeland Security market with an unmatched track record of providing value for clients – and Government customers.
  • We shorten decision cycles. Our results are second to none.
  • We are the largest business development firm in the National Guard Market.
  • We are the most-recognized business development firm in the defense automotive community.
  • Our consultants combine business development expertise with years of senior Military service.