ABDG Announces New Custom Battery Management Products from Midtronics

American Business Development Group (ABDG) is pleased to announce, our client, Midtronics, has released new Custom Battery Management Products for Military Applications. The GR8-1100 MIL Battery Diagnostic Station and the MDX-600 MIL Series Battery Conductance and Electrical System Analyzers provide testing and charging solutions geared to battery types used in military vehicles. Both products feature custom algorithms to support standard military 6T, Group 31 and 4D/8D battery sizes; support for flooded, gel, or AGM battery types; field-replacable cables; and durable designs to withstand harsh environmental/field conditions.

GR8-1100 MIL

The GR8-1100 MIL is an all-in-one portable battery diagnostic station offering rapid and controlled charging combined with battery state of health analysis. Preventive Maintenance Checks and Services (PMCS) are performed quickly and efficiently, identifying batteries nearing the end of their useful lives.


The MDX-600 MIL Series are powerful, yet lightweight, handheld analyzers that promote proactive testing of batteries and electrical systems, deliver quick results and support for multiple vehicles, battery types, and rating systems.

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