American Business Development Group to Attend AGAUS 2024!

American Business Development Group (ABDG) is proud to announce we will be taking part in the 2024 Adjutants General Association of the United States (AGAUS) Conference on 11-14 June 2024 in Bloomington, MN. The conference brings together the 54 Adjutants General from the States, Territories, and the District of Columbia, in one place, to provide attendees with one-on-one opportunities to talk with these decision-makers.

Attending this event provides ABDG with a unique opportunity to establish direct connections and foster meaningful interactions with the Adjutants General. These engagements serve as a cornerstone for building strong relationships and gaining valuable insights into the diverse perspectives and priorities of the National Guard leaders. Moreover, active participation in this conference facilitates essential networking opportunities, fosters continuous learning, and promotes professional growth for the ABDG team. By immersing ourselves in the vibrant atmosphere of collaboration and knowledge exchange, we ensure that ABDG stays at the forefront of the latest developments in the National Guard and defense sectors, thus enabling us better to serve our clients with informed expertise and strategic guidance.

ABDG’s participation in this event allows us to introduce our clients’ products and advancements to the Adjutants General in a more targeted setting. This engagement is pivotal to our shared goal of enhancing and promoting the modernization and readiness of the National Guard,” says Mike Ford, ABDG’s Director of Aviation, Safety and Training.


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