Legislative Support / Liaison

ABDG knows Capitol Hill and the critical requirements to generate congressional support for government programs of interest. We are known for our ability to develop effective legislative, we actively engage with Congressional Members and staff who can champion the programs and funding that matters most to our clients.

If Federal funding is not available, it doesn’t matter how much government customers want the products and services you have to offer. That’s why ABDG strengthens business development with legislative expertise. By using this capability as a “Force Multiplier”, we keep our clients aligned with current Congressional authorizations and appropriations  as well as seek to accelerate opportunities by engaging with members of Congress who can champion relevant programs and funding.

Ethics-Driven to Represent the Interests of Clients and American Service Personnel

ABDG only represents clients whose products and services are needed by the Government.  We focus on products and services that will make a positive difference to the safety, effectiveness and daily lives of the men and women charged with defending our nation. Those who know us on Capitol Hill appreciate the value in response – enabling ABDG to set up meaningful meetings with people who share our desire to serve America’s best interests in the National Defense, National Guard and Homeland Security areas of interest.

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