Here We Grow Again!

American Business Development Group (ABDG) would like to invite you to our annual National Guard Reception on Tuesday, May 8, 2012 at 5 PM. The reception will be held at ABDG’s headquarters located at 2800 Shirlington Road, Suite 401, Arlington, VA.

Many of you know ABDG as a successful business development & marketing firm that has assisted literally 100’s of DOD related clients. What you may not know is that ABDG began over 13 years ago as a National Guard specific firm and has expanded to other areas of effort since our inception.

In order to maintain our quality of service, and to better support our current and future client base, ABDG is always on the lookout for new members for our team. This year’s reception is being hosted in order to personally introduce you to our three newest members of ABDG’s National Guard Team; Colonel (R) Clark Presnell, Colonel (R) Charlie Powley and Lieutenant Colonel (R) Mike Ford.

Clark Presnell joins ABDG, as Director Advanced Technology Programs after having served over 30 years in the Army National Guard (ARNG), most recently as the G4, Deputy Chief of Staff for Installations, Logistics and Environment. As such, Colonel Presnell was a principal advisor to the ARNG leadership within the National Guard Bureau’s Army National Guard Directorate.

Charlie Powley joins ABDG as a Senior Consultant after retiring from Federal service in December 2011. Charlie brings more than 23 years of military, civil service, and contractor service experience to ABDG’s organization and will be supporting our current and future client base. Colonel Powley most recently served as the Operations and Training Division Chief for the Air National Guard.

Mike Ford joins ABDG as a Senior Consultant responsible for our aviation and safety related programs. Colonel Ford retired in April 2012 and brings over 35 years of military service to ABDG. In 2008, Mike was assigned as the Chief of the Safety and Standardization Branch of the Nations Guard’s Aviation and Safety Division where he served until his retirement. As an experienced Army Aviator Colonel Ford will serve as ABDG’s primary Senior Consultant to our many Army Aviation related clients, as well as working with our Homeland Security and training/simulations clients.

Jim LeNoir, ABDG’s Vice President for Defense and Homeland Security Programs said “we take great pride in having Colonel Presnell, Colonel Ford and Colonel Powley on our team. With their support we will continue to provide top notch service to companies serving our ever vital National Guard community.”

Joining our reception will be Bill Skipper, ABDG’s President and CEO, along with several other members of our National Guard team including BG (R) Daryl McCall, CSM (R) Frank Lever, Col (R) Landis Cook and COL (R) Randy Krug. Below is our invitation with more details on this event. Please RSVP to:

As an internationally respected, business development consulting firm, ABDG is proud of its reputation as the largest business development firm in the United States which specializes in the re-equipping and modernization of the Army National Guard.