Introducing LegisLogic Federal Solutions: A Partnership with American Business Development Group

Arlington, VA, July 20, 2012– Bill Skipper, President and CEO of American Business Development Group (ABDG), announced the establishment of a new partnership with Colonel John Barnes, USA, Retired, former Professional Staffer of the Senate Armed Services Committee and former Vice President of Government Relations for the Raytheon corporation. Barnes will head LegisLogic Federal Solutions, a strategic-level consulting firm providing support for companies seeking to grow in the federal marketplace. Although an independent entity, LegisLogic will work in close association with ABDG, one of Washington’s leading business development, sales, and marketing firms, to provide full-service federal market support to joint clients.

LegisLogic brings a wealth of experience to clients seeking to integrate federal policy and budget trend analysis into growth strategies and business plans. While LegisLogic’s expertise is focused on federal customers, specifically those doing business with the Department of Defense and Department of Homeland Security; it will also focus on state and local government markets. As a key partner with ABDG, LegisLogic will provide advocacy and representation before Congress and the Executive Branch, both being essential components of successful strategies for the team’s federal customers.

In announcing the formation of LegisLogic, Bill Skipper stated “I have always aspired to expand our services to better assist our clients with promoting their products and services in the federal marketplace, and no one is better qualified for that mission than John Barnes. Our goal for LegisLogic is to assist our current and future clients with their liaison with Congress and senior Pentagon officials while ABDG continues to serve them with “boots on the ground” expertise with sales, marketing, business development and proposal preparation to the actual DOD customer.”

John Barnes has extensive experience with Congress and the Department of Defense. In addition to serving as a Professional Staff Member on the Senate Armed Services Committee and subsequently was Vice President for Government Relations/Legislative Operations for the Raytheon Corporation while simultaneously serving as a member of the Army Science Board. John Barnes said, “LegisLogic is uniquely situated to provide strategic consulting to companies seeking to do business with government at the federal, state, and local levels.

The close team relationship between LegisLogic and ABDG provides unique resources to firms seeking to accomplish strategic goals and objectives. ” LegisLogic provides a variety of services, including:
• Federal Advisory Boards: No one understands federal customer challenges better than those who have held senior leadership positions in the federal government. Tailored advisory boards are able to support strategic planning activities for companies at all levels.

• Policy Development: It is critically important that organizations understand existing policies that could affect their ability to be successful and consider options to shape policies that would support long-term growth objectives.

• Legislative Advocacy: LegisLogic can effectively help clients connect with federal customers and legislators at all levels and provide tailored advocacy support across the spectrum.

• Federal Market Assessment: LegisLogic is committed to providing clients with in-depth and comprehensive federal market analysis with achievable recommendations that support solid business decisions.

To view the LegisLogic website with detailed service pages and biographies of Mr. Skipper and Mr. Barnes, click here. LegisLogic is strategically located at ABDG’s headquarters in Arlington, Virginia. Its full spectrum of services to its clients is enhanced by close proximity to the Capitol and to major government customers. For further information call John Barnes at 703-647-2972.